Q: What is Constant Current? Most of the power supplies I have used are Constant Voltage.

A: It’s exactly what you would expect. As well as a voltage control knob, there is also a current control knob. With this you can limit the output current to a safe value. LED’s should be driven from a constant current source because they act rather like a zener diode: as you apply more and more volts, the current rises very steeply and will eventually destroy the device. Lab-Power units allow fine control over both voltage AND current.

Q: When I charge batteries from a DC power supply, when we turn the power supply off the battery discharges back through the power supply. Will your units do the same?

A: There are two solutions to this problem. You can put a diode in series with the battery so that current can only flow FROM the power supply to the battery, never from the battery to the supply. Lab-Power units can be ordered with an optional internal diode for exactly this purpose, removing the need for an external diode.

Q: We have been troubled in the past with units mounted in closed 19 inch racks overheating

A: All medium to high power supplies need good cooling. You must have good air flow into and out of the enclosure.

Q: We need 800+ volts DC in a corrosive environment. Do we need a special unit?

A: Probably. Our power supplies can be ordered with “Conformal Coating” applied internally. This is an option.

Q: Your pictures always show the output terminals/busbars on the rear. Is it possible to have these coming out at the front instead?

A: Yes, this is possible but it is not possible retrospectively (like a fridge door hinge).

Q: Can you calibrate these units?

A: Yes, we can calibrate in-house traceable to national standards up to 400 amps and 10,000 volts.

Q: Are these units linear or switch-mode?

A: Switch-mode.

Q: Where are these units manufactured?

A: In Germany

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